Why we do what we do.

We're dedicated to inspiring people to progress every day in a community based on discovery and growth.

We’re on a mission.

We’re here to create places to live healthy, feel at home, and make progress on what you care about so you can build your future.

Our Beliefs.

We’re open. To everything, everyone, everywhere, and every way.

We’re different, and we act like it. There’s a lot to learn from each other so let’s talk.

The time is now. If it’s not us, then who? If it’s not now, then when?

Where it all began.

The idea of Hall is owed to a few unsuspecting Bostonians willing to talk to a wandering entrepreneur. Back in 2015 after a few weeks in a row of late night meals alone, having to decide between healthy or convenient, and seeing friends or staying home to save money, frustration bubbled over. Albert started talking to strangers at grocery stores, coffee shops, or anywhere he could to learn about their daily routines and if they fell short too. Overwhelmingly, people were frustrated. They wanted healthy, home-cooked meals but made by a friend and wanted to see their friends and meet new people more often but found it took too much effort. So he set out to solve those two problems; leaving work early on Mondays to make healthy meals for anyone he interviewed who was brave enough to come. Starting with three brave souls, he opened up his apartment on Monday nights for people to come get a healthy dinner to-go or to-stay and hang out with their friends or meet someone new. Word spread. Before long he was serving over 70 meals on Mondays and filling his apartment to the brim and the idea of Hall was formed.

Today, Hall is home to people who live and work in the neighborhood; giving them a place to eat healthy, see their friends, meet new people, and work toward what they care about.

An Image of Albert's apartment, where it all started.

The Team

Albert Nichols Headshot

Albert Nichols

Founder, CEO

Julia Goldman Headshot

Julia Goldman

Head of Member Engagement

Duy Tran Headshot

Duy Tran

Executive Chef and Kitchen Manager

Kit Eberhardt Headshot

Kit Eberhardt

Location Manager

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Sarah Gibbons


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Fillype Rapozo


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