Healthy, home-cooked dinners made daily. No shopping. No cooking. No cleanup.
When & How?Dinner at Hall is served 5 nights a week from Sunday-Thursday. Starting at 4:30 and running until 10:00PM, we provide simple, locally-sourced dinner for you to enjoy with other members at Hall or take to-go, depending on your night.
Light & Hearty OptionsEach night we offer 2 choices for dinner. The “Light Option” is free of dairy, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, and gluten. The “Hearty Option” is a meat-protein centered dish. The options change daily and are 2 parts vegetables, 1 part protein, and 1 part starch.
<- 1/6 ->Ginger Miso SalmonGinger Miso SalmonPot roast with Winter VegetablesVegan Pad ThaiRoast Chicken and GnocchiMushroom RagoutHeirloom Tomato Chicken
Food PhilosophyOur diverse menu is drawn from home-cooked favorites from all over the world. We take special care to avoid unnecessary salts, fats and sugars and members contribute to every dish that makes it the menu through taste-tests and feedback. Have a favorite family recipe you think is perfect for Hall or an exotic dish you want to try but don’t think you can prepare? Ask us about how we can add it to the menu!
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