Friends and new faces.

Hang out with and learn from the people who live and work in your neighborhood.

Howdy, neighbor.

Each week, Hall members come together for dinner, learn from people who’ve “been there, done that”, enjoy some down-time, and just hang out.

Weekly Agenda

The People

We’re open to everyone. People at Hall are fascinating to talk to and fascinated to learn what others are doing. While we are from all walks of life, we do have one thing in common: we’re all up to something… and it's usually not what you expect!

A Woman reading with her dog in a relaxed enironment at Hall
Members & Guests

Members are welcome to bring their friends, family, awkward co-workers, landlord, or anyone they want to Hall as a guest. 2 guests/day is our rule of thumb.

The Hall Team

Our team is here to support, challenge, and connect members. Whether you’ve had a long day, and just want to chat or are looking for feedback on that next big step, we, and all the members, have got your back.

Want to see more?

Come over for dinner with our members.